Tutoring Details


Middle School 1 Hour $85
High School 1 Hour $95
College Level 1.5 Hours $160


*Learning differences or specific circumstances sometimes make the required session time unpredictable for a student; in that case, because we do customize everything for the student’s best interests, we then allow for the longer time slot schedule-wise, and charge you on an hourly basis.

This offers the most flexibility, and you only pay for the minimum time your child needs. Some clients prefer this pricing method, but if this is recommended for your situation it will be discussed and included in the contract prior to beginning tutoring.



  • Customized Tutoring is the main focus of Tutor Time Now (TTN); It was developed by founder Tatum Hutton, you can read about her background HERE.
  • Most unique aspect to program is “Homework Support” - offered M-F 3PM-9PM and Saturdays 1PM-5PM - students can get help with homework virtually - Homework Support is included in cost and not optional - there is no limit to Homework Support; however, it is meant to be a supplemental support system to tutoring, and if it becomes too much a part of the student's learning process, the requirement is then to add another session(s) until the student has a better understanding of the material and is more independent and has effective study skills.
  • TTN website lists the standardized tests that we tutor and our areas of focus HERE which is structured differently from regular tutoring.
  • Additionally, our college consultation services may also be useful, through the other division of Custom Academics, LLC, College Time Now (link HERE).
  • Most middle school and high school tutoring sessions are an hour long and occur weekly, biweekly, or more, depending on the student’s needs. It is always our goal to end the session in the best interest of the student and if this takes 5-10 more minutes to accomplish, the fee is still the same. For example, we never leave a session if the student is confused; we stay until it is resolved, and at no extra charge. There is a limit of 15 minutes to avoid additional fees and allow tutors to get to their next student.
  • If the student consistently requires additional time, then the session length or frequency must be adjusted.
  • The majority of students learn best in their own environment, so we travel to the student's home for tutoring, but we have made exceptions when necessary.
  • Tutoring outside of the tutor’s immediate area will incur a travel fee of $10-$40 depending on the amount of travel time required.