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Q: Is it worth the investment?

A: Students who graduate from high school on average make a million dollars less than if they had a bachelor’s degree. The more prepared for college your child is, the more likely they are to graduate; thus, your investment will be returned many times over.


Q: How much improvement can I expect?

A: The amount of success depends on many factors: the motivation level of the student, the challenges at hand, and the number of sessions per week and for how long. In general, a student will raise their grade by 1-2 full levels (i.e. from a C to a B or an A) by the end of the term IF (and only if) the tutoring is consistent, the challenges are not prohibitive, and the student is motivated to succeed.


Q: How are you able to customize tutoring so that you are more effective than my child's teachers? They just don't seem to get through to my child!

A: We focus on learning style, motivation factors, and a variety of innovative techniques to find out what is inhibiting your child from learning. Then we focus on realistic goals and a plan to reach them. Whenever possible, we work closely with the child’s teacher(s) to integrate the process for maximum success.


Q: How do you determine Learning Differences and what to do to make a difference?

A: We do not determine learning differences; only an educational psychologist can test your child for a learning disability. We can implement the recommendations that the psychologist recommends in addition to a number of tools that we have developed based on experience. The tools are customized for each student and will help them better deal with tests, homework, organization, and specific subject matter.


Q: Why do you prefer tutoring online?

A: We find that students are more comfortable in their own environments, and we are more able to meet the student’s needs. Also, it avoids students running into one another which can cause social conflict or anxiety for some students at tutoring centers.


Q: What ages do you tutor?

A: We start at the 6th grade and do not have any limits for age. We have tutored students in their sixties; however, most of our students are in middle or high school preparing for college.


Q: How many sessions per week do you recommend?

A: It depends on the student- some need one session a week while others need 2-3. Because of our homework support program, it is rare that a student would need sessions beyond that.


Q: Do your goals for tutoring go beyond the subject at hand? (i.e.: study skills, time management, etc.)?

A: Definitely! Our focus is always on empowering the student with strong study skills and test-taking skills so as to succeed in college and beyond.


Q: How will your tutoring program prepare my child for the future?

A: Our program prepares students for college by teaching self-advocacy skills, offering support in the curriculum, and providing help with study and test-taking skills. Our goal is always to help your child reach his/her highest potential and be as best prepared for college as possible.


Q: Will tutoring just make my child more dependent on having individual help?

A: No. Our focus is always on creating independent learners. We work hard to not allow students to use their tutor as a ‘crutch’ in any way. One way we accomplish this is by requiring students to have their homework completed before we arrive, thus allowing us to focus on the problems that they do not understand or got wrong. This pedagogy makes it clear to students from the start that we are not there to just help them with their homework so it is easier for them.

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